Player 13
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Survival, action, adventure, open world, story, horror game.
Player 13 has been in development by me single handedly for little under 2 years now, I've mostly focused on the gameplay and thats why these early screenshots taken few months ago don't quite represent the look of the final product I'm aiming towards but it already gives you some direction on what the games environments are going to look like.
The last two pictures represent the recent development of graphics I've finally began (3 months in now) and I'm starting to finally get the look to resemble the final planned look of the game.
Player 13 as a game offers a unique aproach into the horror genre as it is also simultaneously an adventure story game meaning it has a full on quest/mission/job system and also the player has vitals adding in the survival part, horror comes from this Being following you after you start your investigations on small town in a neighbouring country to yours on why people are disappearing at night. After you get on the track about this mysterious entity it immediately sends it's men and self after you in an attempt to stop you from revealing it's true meaning/potential and stopping it. The game has branching story and multiple endings with various different scenarios.
Aki Kanervo
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English; Finnish
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