PLAY NOW! - The Advertisement Spam Game
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Ads have taken over the world! Explore this post-AD-pocalyptic city to find and press all the mysterious buttons (because who wouldn't want to press mysterious buttons?) But beware, because sentient advertisements could be lurking around every corner, waiting to spam you and take all your money!
"PLAY NOW!" is Puddygum's third project, and our second 1-month minimum viable product-focused project, started on 24th September and released 28th October.
My responsibilities
  • Project Director & Producer
  • Concept
  • Advertisement Content
  • Level Design
We tried to refine our project management, trying to get a good process. We had some struggles and the project didn't turn out the way we anticipated originally but a lot of learning took place and proved to be quite the learning experience for the team.
It was fun to try to make it seem stealthy, overwhelming, and in your face. We tried to trigger the annoyance people feel with ads when you can't escape (or block) them. Always grabbing for your attention and they always want to be the one that takes your money. The thought of making it feel like a zombie game was comical to us.
Joseph Burgan
3D Art / Audio Production - Artist
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows