Play it because is #MadeWithUnity
Updated 2 years ago
What if #MadeWithUnity becomes a seal of quality and not only a filter
Using the #MadeWithUnity as a badge for the gamers and not for the developers. Remember the Nintendo seal of quality?
If you visit, you can browse many spectacular games developed with Unity Engine, unfortunately, it looks like is targeted to other developers and not gamers.
For some people, Unity is not a synonym of game quality because it is accessible for everyone to use it and become a game developer, but that's the Unity's vision: democratize development. But the ease to start to use Unity is a great way to give chance to very talented developers, for example, Cuphead, developed by StudioMHDR. These developers had no prior experience, but Unity helped them with a tool for easy access to game development.
Thousands of games developed with Unity are published every year, and that comes with a huge problem: many games are not of high quality, so Unity came up with a solution, creating #MadeWithUnity. This sounds amazing to showcase games and other projects made with Unity, but it is not easy for users to access to it. It looks like is targeted to other developers to find inspiration, solutions, etc.
So, what if we create a strategy to showcase all of the amazing #MadeWithUnity games directly to the gamers. What if we mimic the Nintendo Seal of Quality? That would be amazing and the gamers would start looking not only for games but for games #MadeWithUnity
Thank you very much for reading. Any feedback is appreciated.
Diego Núñez
Business Designer - Marketer