A physics-based 3D ball platformer
You will find yourself in a forgotten environment. Strange as it may seem, the laws of physics does apply in here. In such an odd place, your only goal is to get the ball to the target. Why wouldn't you earn some points doing that? And maybe some gold... • Rotate the platforms to roll the ball to the target. • Let the ball gain speed by gravity, but be careful not to drop the ball from the track. • Faster the ball go, higher you score. • Collect gold coins, unlock new balls and score higher. • Improve your manual dexterity by trying to keep the ball in balance on rotatable platforms. No internet connection is necessary to play this unique physics-based 3D platformer, unless you want to save your progress in the cloud or compare your scores with your friends and the players worldwide. Have fun!
Musap Kahraman
Game Developer - Programmer
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