Plastic Rebellion
Published 9 months ago
In development
Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
SimFabric - The Porting & Publishing for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One
SimFabric is responsible for porting and publishing for consoles: Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Emil Leszczynski
CTO/Lead Programmer/Game Designer - SimFabric - Programmer
Julia Leszczynska
Ms - Programmer
Game Languages
Chinese; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Polish; Portuguese; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
Alberto Luviano
7 months ago
Indie game developer - Designer
This is great, I've always liked "toys coming to life" videogames like Army men or ToySoldiers, congratulations on getting the porting license. How difficult is it to port a game when you have to do it for multiple platforms? I know Unity is helping us with the Build Settings configuration but it must have many other "hidden" tricks, right?