PlanetoX II
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows
An open world space trading game with a young starship captain who lost everyone and everything to the pervasive water crisis in an infinite universe full of realistic planets awaiting to be explored.


The game takes place in an open and infinite universe that is procedurally generated on-demand as the character explores it. The planets within provide a vast variety of resources and trading goods and are inhabited by a realistically simulated population of diverse alien races – each with their very specific behavior.
The main conflict in this otherwise beautifully rendered universe with calm background musics, is the divisive altercation between water-rich and water-less worlds struggling to survive.

Main Features

  • Travel between planets of completely auto-generated star systems
  • Buy and sell goods and resources
  • Choose a ship class that suits your passion
  • Build orbital space stations, shipyards, gas raffinaries and mining stations
  • Affect any planet’s production and population with your purveyances
  • Encounter space pirates, police forces of the Intergalactic Council and shady merchants – and maybe some other surprises that waylay your travel between the stars
3OX Studios
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows