Planet Savior
This is my first formal game. It is still in alpha gameplay. I will soon add more features in order to become beta and then final version.
Credits: Manager / Team Lead – Kenny Chan • Game Designer – Kenny Chan • Programmer –Carlos_B and GameItaStudio, modified by Me • Artist (2D, 3D, UI/UX) – Skorpio, Carlos_B, Kryptid, SethByrd, Rawdanitsu, LeBlackout, Graul98, Master484 • Audio Designer – Matthew Pablo, Pugly, Ville Nousiainen / Xythe / mutkanto, marcelofg55, minininja, teckpow, TinyWorlds • Level Designer – Kenny Chan
Press W, A, S, D Keys to move your spaceship Press left Mouse Button to fire your gun for single shot Press and Hold left mouse button to fire your gun automatically -------------------------------------------------------------- You are the last hope of humanity! Shoot enemies as many as you can in order to survive the wave! After 15 seconds, a boss is coming to challenge you! To beat the game, you must defeat the boss! The score can reflect your effort!
Kenny Chan
3D Modeler and animator - Artist