Planaris 2
Published 9 months ago
A new take on a classic!

About the Game

Planaris is a matching game that puts a new spin on classic line clearing gameplay. Place polyomino shapes anywhere on a grid and try to clear lines... But watch out for the locks!
Planaris 2 brings several all new features to the table... including new powerups awarded for multi-line clears, and a campaign mode with over 50 levels to master. The game is easy to pick up and play with simple, intuitive mechanics that can be learned in 5 minutes... but deep enough to provide a challenge for those looking to master every level. The game was developed for the Android & WebGL platforms.


Get the game free for your Android device from Google Play here.
Or, play the WebGL version on Kongregate here.




2D Unity Tools Used

Planaris was made in Unity 2018.2, and makes use of the (square) 2D Tilemaps feature. 2D Tilemaps made it super easy to design new levels with a visual editor, and the individual shapes are created with the help of the 2D Tilemap tool aswell.
Matthew Bryce Summer-Bristol
Bryce Summer - Programmer