Pizza Bugs
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keywords: teleport, pizza, droid
Hi, I am an 3D modeling artist, mainly work on environment design and creation. My partner and I have worked on this challenge for a whole month. We'd like to tell a story rather than just create an static environment made by Unity, since that's what Unity is really good at.
story background:
science and technology have improved a lot in the future, human has no limitation of space. New technologies are being introduced, teleport technology and artificial intelligence are commonly used.
Main story:
Robots broke the portal, triggering a series of accidents. The story is around a BUG after someone ordered a pizza, included 4 scenes.
  1. In outer space, the man living in the space capsule ordered a pizza and open an gate for the delivery.
  2. The Earth's Kitchen receives the order, the robots start making the pizza and send it back to the capsule.
  3. The pizza was successfully delivered to the capsule, but the gate was unexpectedly closed, the robot opened the portal mistakenly and the connection was chaotic, causing the capsule itself to be drawn into the kitchen
  4. The disoriented door connects a lot of space, warships appear
ideas when create the scenes:
I spent a bit of time trying out some future-theme scenarios, including creating a tech-savvy street and alien-based theme. Later I found that there are quite a lot excellent works on these themes,Suddenly think, can we try to use a specific story to illustrate the development of science and technology in the future makes life more convenient?
I need to use animations and video cameras to show some naughty and erratic little robots to show the series of accidents they cause.
There was not a lot of time for modeling and texturing, for saving time, I got high quality resources from assets store.
I mainly created the scenes by the Sci-Fi Set of Civil Engineering package, in order to build some space station model. This resource is very easy to expand, and the colors are also very vibrant, very much in line with the lighthearted story I want to express.
The Sci-fi Portal And Machines Pack provides a great visual representation of the core technology of the story.
After that, I collected additional resources such as spacecraft, sky, etc. I modified the model in the package SF_Corvette-F3 to change it into a pizza-shaped warship. See the end of this page for the exact list of all used third party assets.
The content I make is to use the existing resources to build a scene that help telling the story, so as to create atmosphere in the space. Integration of some basic animation resources. use Timeline for creating animations and special effects, Cinemachine for camera animations. This is the first time I use Timeline, it is very interesting, it is easy to learn.
I need to make some plans for these scenes, and then constantly improve them, so the story are built on several sub-scenes , the scenes needed to add over an hundred lights, but I like it.
online video:

assets used from Assets Store:
Sci-Fi Set of Civil Engineering.
Drone Crawler - Scorpion
Huge FBX Mocap Library part 2
Eris Class Cruiser
UAV Trident
3D Scifi Kit Starter Kit
Realistic Kitchen Pack!
Barrel-Roll Droid
Acoustic Guitar
Customizable Bedroom
Earth HD 64K
Sci-Fi Objects BIG Pack 2
Sci-Fi Objects Pack
Sci-fi Portal And Machines Pack
Free Space Ships
3 Skyboxes 2
Unity Post-ProcessingV2
Raw Mocap Data
Unity Particle Pack
Cartoon Effects 1

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