2013 2015 Alan Mattano

Elysium type ISO Mono Space Professional Font for programming

This font is use inside the game Flight Soaring Simulator }} using Unity

2013 2015 Alan Mattano
This is a classic sans serif pixel perfect coding font specific for programming. Its natural style is an upgrade reinterpretation, inspired by the Elysium film hex font that improves programming qualities. As a fusion with ISO3098b ISO norm standard monospace font as far evolution from the Australian designer. This font 2015 has a new design with improvements form the 2013 and 2014 edition.

Key features

  • Different shapes between 1 , “l” letter, capital “I” and separator “ |”.
  • Digital number 0 is different from letter O.
  • It was built thinking to be pixel perfect display used, fitting in few pixels.
  • It can be stretched from very small .
  • It is also narrow and tall, with small space around, so is condensed in coding conditions
  • It is thought to be used with transparent or dark background conditions.
  • It is a Mono-space font so it is better for programming and nicer in alignments.
  • Nice with 4K or bigger monitors
I personally use it with VS Mono ConTEXT editor giving me nice results for searching and finding errors.
At the moment there is no Italic. I don't think I will do the Italic version of it (in most programs the italic is made automatically so it´s not a real issue). If you need Italic or variants of it as for example an ultra light version or adding characters, I can make customs versions and it will be charged extra for the work.

Soaring Stars Lab - 2016 Certified Developer - Designer