Pixel Store : Coin Rush
Published a year ago
Android; iOS
Pixel super market has every thing able to buy with coin!!
And Pixel store has talented cashier to make changes!
This is your turn to be Store cashier!

Go! Go! Rush to give exact coin to customers!

A Note from the Pixel Convenient Store Manager to Cashier Candidates,

Welcome to Pixel Store. The Pixel store is a highly addictive casual game of a real working experience. Tired of candy matching? Burned from endless running? Or, done with timbers and birds? Try out a cashier experience, then.

Your duty is a cashier at Pixel Store, from 11:59pm till midnight. All you do is to sell products & give exact changes to customers in queue. The exact change is very important for your promotion. So, be exact, fast and be ready for some troublemakers.

[Promotion to Manager]
The best part of working is promotion. You can be the manager soon, though you start from part timer. Collect the Stars, shown on your ID card, as you work then more bonus awaits.

[Stock more Goods]
Earn your expertise by stocking more goods at the store, such as Razor, BB-cream, noodles, hair-pin, sandwiches and more. If you achieve missions, you can collect all the goods in the store. Check the trophy icon for your progress.

[Fun-working Disco time]
When you do well on your job, fun time mode starts then. Disco Fever time! Just touch the fever panel as fast as you can. Your sales boosts up with the fever time.
Joonyoung Ko
BLUK - Programmer
Game Languages
Korean; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS