Pixel Puzzles Junior Ativador Download
Published 12 days ago

Pixel Puzzles Junior Ativador Download

About This GamePixel Puzzles Junior is the perfect puzzle game for kids aged 2-5.With 50 bright and colourful puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles Junior lets kids choose the puzzle size that's best for them. All puzzles can be played in a range of sizes, from 9, 20, 30, 42 and 56 pieces.Avoid the mess of traditional jigsaw puzzles and let the kids play their puzzles digitally.FEATURES:A range of sizes from 9 to 56 pieces.Perfect for ages 2 - 5.Bright cartoon puzzle images.Colorful puzzling atmosphere.Auto Saving, never lose progress.Traditional puzzle gameplay.Interactive play environment. d859598525 Title: Pixel Puzzles JuniorGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyDeveloper:DL SoftworksPublisher:DL SoftworksFranchise:Pixel PuzzlesRelease Date: 17 Feb, 2017 Pixel Puzzles Junior Ativador Download pixel puzzles junior What to say about this? It's Jigsaws, just Jigsaws and nothing else. And it's definitely aimed at younger children. This is reflected by the choice of music and soundeffects and the motives of the Jigsaws itself. You can choose from different Jigsaw sizes to suit your personal likings and difficulty of the game though.The game can easily be used for farming achievements. Farming cards may take a whole lot longer than the playthrough of the game, as you can set each Jigsaw to nine pieces for a quick go of maybe 15 minutes to complete all. While waiting for your cards to farm you will most probably learn that this game's engine does feature a nice little memory hole aswell. So you will have to restart the client a few times to get all cards.After all I do recommend it for younger children only, as the grown up gamer that's still into solving Jigsaws should seriously head for some other games of the same genre also available here at Steam that are more compelling than this one.. I found this to be fun to play with my daughter, but even for her this was too easy. No changing the orientation of the puzzle pieces, they are already setup when you pick them up to fit on the puzzle. You just need to find the right place for the puzzle pieces and that's it. With a maximum of 50 pieces, this was perfect for my daughter, but it would have been nice if the level of difficulty could have gotten more difficult to challenge her.Overall, there's just much better puzzle games out there, especially for young kids.
Johanna Gonzalez