Pixel Game
[I was hired to optimized this game only] With bunch of explosion Pixel Game will satisfy your desire as an arcade game lover. Killing has never been so fun! Experience running in a deadly unimagined marathon course! Get your way through landmines and killer to be the number one runner. You will be able to pick weapons such as grenade, guns, vehicles, and even an all-butchering sword to help throughout the race. Easy to play, yet challenging to master, Pixel Game brings fresh challenges to the arcade game genre. So get ready. Upgrade your weapon, dodge obstacle, kill all runner. Let the deadly Pixel game begins! An endless running game with 2D retro looks. Run and kill all the other competitors. Collect coin and unlock new skin for your character. copyright: Tinker Games, GameLevelOne, and GemuGemu
Adhi Christanto Lius
Game Developer - Owner
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