Pixel Duck
Published a year ago
iOS; Android
Pixel RPG with procedurally as well as handmade levels.
Platforms: Android/iOS Tools Used: Unity (with custom editor scripts)/Photoshop Language used: C# Duration: 7 months (December 2014 – July 2015) Team size: 2 Role: Game Developer (Programmer, Designer, Animator, Gameplay)/Audio/(2D, 3D)Artist/PR/Developer Tools Engineer
The game initially started as an experiment. I wanted to play with (and test) different combat styles in an RPG/Rogue-like genre, which in its early stages.
However, after a week of experimenting the project quickly grew into something much more ambitious than I intended it to be.
My favourite and most challenging combat system is the wand. It’s visually pleasing and technically challenging. A lot of my time was spent experimenting with different ways to achieve a simulated liquid projectile. The projectile is quite small but if you look closely, it has something that slightly resembles water physics. I managed to create this effect by combining a few connected springs with a circle collider component in a circular formation with a larger circle collider at its centre (to create that “body” of liquid effect) and then finally calculating the UV’s in code.
As for the other combat styles, they were relatively simple to create. Animating and getting the right feel for them was the most challenging and time consuming part. For example, the axe hitting the ground would push the player up, then tweaked the rigidbody and collider settings so that physics and animations would work together simultaneously.
The combat system never really grew much after these first tests. I attempted to implement some elemental interaction with the magic but it grew out of control and more complex than I imagined it would. As for the aesthetics and general gameplay, I fleshed out a level, added some enemies and some generic items (I even created a mini Wikia for the game).
Lastly, Pixel Duck has a lot of potential for future expansions. Such as making it an online multiplayer game, more refined controls, different biome effects, bosses a sophisticated magic system.
The attached images are some from various development stages of the game. Unfortunately it is no longer available to download on the playstore.
Mobile Games Developer - Programmer
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English, British; English
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iOS; Android