Pirates - Age of Gravitium
In Pirates : Age of Gravitium, you play as a young pirate captain looking for a solution to the upcoming threat of the India Company. Whether you want to become famous, rich enough or well prepared to fight is for you to decide. To help you during your journey, you can recruit a large variety of fellow pirates. You can also grow your headquarter to unlock new skills, accept missions for other factions or simply explore the world in search for treasures or easy targets to rob. But be careful! You are not alone, and the other factions – the British, the French, the Dutch, the Spanish and the other Pirates – will make sure you pay for your crimes. Sea itself is treacherous if you travel for too long, as the moral of your crew, like the hull of your ship, is far from being unbreakable. Type of Game : Rogue-like RPG Estimated Platform : PC – Steam Estimated Price : 19€90
Rémi Delorme
White Plague Games' co founder - Programmer