Pipeway Passage - The gate of Troy -
Updated a year ago
Neon Challenge - environment Models and Texture

"Pipeway Passage, Georgi Simeonov" gave me stunning inspirations. From Ancient Fortress of grease to recent construction site of Tokyo, Various scenes appeard in my head.

With 3dsmax, I made each parts of models between highmesh to lowmesh. Aftere that, I exprot low-meshes and bake normal-maps.

Next task is Adding details for textures. I use Quixel, Substance Designer and PhotoShop. Eventually, import the meshes and textures to Unity.

I made this assuming the end of the level which switches to the final stage. The time is just before the sunset, and opening of the final stage will be night time. I select a skymap from "AllSky" asset in asset store. the map is perfect for this scene.

I set camera roughly in 3dsmax, I adjusted and animated in Unity with Cinemachine. It is easy because of seeing final render. Also make animation of lights and indicators using Timeline in Unity.

The Post Processing Stack is very impotant for picture making in this scene. Firstly, I set AntiAliasing and AmbientOccusion. Because using the AO instead of baking it to texture, I could reduce textures. Secondly, I turn on Colour Grading and tons of tweekfor colour collection. Lastly, I add Bloom Depth Of Field and Vignette amd done.
Also I create two Post Processing Profiles and switching these in the biginning of the scene.

Finally, I simply renderd with Recoder.

Member : Just me.
What I made : Environment Models and Textures(except Sky Map).
What I use :
Unity 2017.2
Post Processing Stack
3dsmax : for sketch, modeling and UVs.
Quixel, Substance Designer, PhotoShop : for textures.

SensitiveCube - Designer