Pin-Pin Bowling
Ever wonder how to combine bowling and putt-putt? Well that is exactly what we are trying to do!
This is my initial set up and I will hopefully have something to post very soon!
First pass at the drag movement for the bowling ball. Tracks really well with the mouse currently, however when done dragging the throwing portion is still not exactly the way I would want it. The throw action looks more like a shot put instead of an underhand arch throw. Hopefully I will have the worked out relatively soon!
I added some logic that prevents the user from being able to pick up the bowl after it has been thrown. The throw movement is more realistic, still not perfect (not circular) but it does apply force correctly and the ball rolls nicely. Also, added the ability for the ball to reset itself once it falls off the floor. Next will throw some fake pins in there and start the games scoring system.
Added pins to the scene and starting counting the number of pins knocked down. The frame also correctly updates now. No additional scoring added when you get a strike or spare yet, however that will come next.
The basics of the game have now been completed. The game can be played for 10 frames, scoring works correctly, and after the last throw in the tenth frame the game resets. The UI still needs to be completed but the game itself works correctly.
Refactoring the code so that all the logic lives in the framework that will be for future games. The refactoring is part of an effort to make sure that the game is fully tested and follows SOLID programming principles.
Jeff Shafferman
Founder - Owner