Pillars of History
"Pillars of History" Overview What is “Pillars of History”? An engaging mix of Action, RPG and Quest gameplay dressed in the beauty of the medieval European history. What sets this game apart from other RPG titles is the unique lore system, which is actually an interactive educational course on medieval history in the form of a full-scale RPG game. Our goal is to develop a RPG game of a new type, with a strong emphasis on learning. Thus we aim at the best possible gameplay balance. "Pillars of History" will introduce an unique mix between entertainment and education that will set this game at its righteous place in the gamer`s heart. Combine this with world-class storytelling, action combat system, endless artifacts and you're in for a ride! Genre > RPG Setting > Early Medieval, Realistic Target > 12-50 Platform > PC Gameplay > Soft-MidCore Similar Games > Baldur's Gate, Diablo Inspirational > Mount & Blade Engine > Unity3D Crafting > Yes
Radostin Vladimirov Stoychev