Physics 2D Toolkit: Explosion
Discord | YouTube | Documentation This Toolkit will provide you with solution for the Physics2D explosions. It's a set of custom explosion components, which you can customize with a lot of settings (Layer Filter , Tag Filter , Depth Filter , Radius , Force , Position , Modify Force By Distance , Send Explosion Damage , and more…)
* Full C# Source Code. * Simply add the explosion script to any game object, adjust the settings, and activate it. * Explosions don’t require any of the components, and can be added to an empty Gameobject. * Every explosion radius can be adjusted visually in scene view. * 7 different explosions components ready to use (Single, Attractive, Unstable, Pulsing, Uplift, Triple, and Double Explosion).
You will also have access to four Custom Methods which are missing from unity: -AddExplosionForce2D -AddUpliftedExplosionForce2D -AddAttractionForce2D -AddRandomizedForce2D
Supported Unity Versions: -5.0 -5.6 -2017 -2018 -2019
Update v2.0: -New filter settings. -Added handle for easier radius change in scene view. -Radius text above handle. -Scripts new organization for future updates. -Optimized editor scripts. -Improved inspector navigation. -Activate 'On Disable' fixed for Uplift Explosion.
Update v2.1: - Unity 2019 support. - Undo Issue Fixed. - Modify Force By Distance fixed for Triple Explosion. - Added Preferences Options for text above handles. - Changes in Demo Scene Manager.
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