Physics 2D Toolkit: Explosion
This Toolkit provides you with solution for the Physics2D explosions. It's a set of custom explosion components, which you can customize with a lot of settings like (Layer Filter, Tag Filter, Depth Filter, Radius, Force,Position, Modify Force By Distance, Send Explosion Damage, and more...)
You will also have access to four Custom Methods which are missing from unity: -AddExplosionForce2D -AddUpliftedExplosionForce2D -AddAttractionForce2D -AddRandomizedForce2D
* Simply add the explosion script to any game object, adjust the settings, and activate it. * Explosions don’t require any of the components, and can be added to an empty Gameobject. * Every explosion radius can be adjusted visually in scene view.
Update v2.0: -New filter settings. -Added handle for easier radius change in scene view. -Radius text above handle. -Scripts new organization for future updates. -Optimized editor scripts. -Improved inspector navigation. -Activate 'On Disable' fixed for Uplift Explosion. Note:You must delete previous version of asset before importing version 2.0!
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