Photorealistic Old Wood Box

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This asset is one 3D FBX box and one photorealistic texture.

This FBX 3D box model is a reproduction of a hand made case for F1A Nordic models. It's ready for production but it can be scaled in different ways and used for game development or Cinema as a general purpose box. It includes a photorealistic color texture map with sticker decals. There are different types of wood as examples. It also includes ambient occlusion, bump normal map and metallic roughness texture.


  • One FBX 3D model with in 3 LOD
  • One interior
  • 8K Color Photorealistic texture
  • Four examples of wood texture
  • Ambient Occlusion, Reflection Smoothness and Normal Bump
  • Scene and GO Prefabs example with PBR materials


Includes game object examples using the FBX mesh: > Unity PBR Metallic shader
  • Examples of different wood materials
  • A color texture with decal stickers
  • Open box with LOD example
  • Closed box with LOD example
  • A scale gameobject box example


The original NURBS model was made inside of Rhinoceros 3D 6 using a real object as reference. Then converted to a poly-mesh object conserving the normal maps. The unwrapping and LOD were made inside Blender 2.8. There are three different LOD with low poly. The FBX was exported to Substance Painter 2019 for texturing. Finally it was imported to Unity 2019 and then created different prefabs LOD with PBR materials. Photorealistic textures made with Photoshop ready to be used in High Definition Render Pipeline


Total triangular polygons for each mesh group after forced triangulation
  • Basic Low poly: simple square box} 12 triangles [6 quadrilateral polygons]
  • Low poly: close box with round corners 92 total triangles

  • Top Cover Exterior 70
  • Top Cover Interior 44
  • Base Exterior 98
  • Base Interior 30

Other Hight detail objects
  • LOD1 HDRL: Handle} 375 quadrilateral polygons and 76 triangular polygons. 826 total triangular polygons in this selection after forced triangulation.
  • LOD1 HDRL: two Locks and tree Hinges} 2552 triangular polygons made by 39 quadrilateral polygons.