Philosophy Quest
Published 3 years ago
In development
This is a simple program (game) with text-to-speech. Game is centered around philosophers. Game has a list of names of philosophers, and corresponding images of them which are loaded at runtime. Some philosophers are instantiated on ground (Terrain), others - on platforms. When player approaches a philosopher, philosopher tells his name and short biography, and probably some philosophic aphorism. As certain philosophers are influenced by other philosophers, thus they may have quests for a player. If philosopher was influenced by another philosopher, he would ask for a scroll from the philosopher, who influenced him. When player collects all the scroll which ceratin philosopher require, he gives to a player a scroll. Those philosophers who are not influenced by other philosophers just give scrolls without asking for performing any "bring the scroll" quests. Now there are around 170 LEGO-styled philosophers in a game.
Ivan Donets
looking for Freelancer job: Junior Unity3d/C# - Programmer
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