Phantasy Quest - Awakening
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Summary (WIP)
~Editor Note~ (This Summary is a WIP will updated as needed during the course of the project!) Phantasy Quest is a throwback to old-school RPG’s like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Quest, and Chrono Trigger with new engine mechanics; an engaging, elaborate, player-driven storyline; and classic elements interleaved together blending new and old concepts together that fans of RPGs have craved for years. (This Summary is a WIP will updated as needed during the course of the project!)

Feel free to check out the 5 track soundtrack from the previous game the prologue that was never fully released and only made it through beta stages.

Development Log!

Latest Update 11/6/2018: Busy working away and getting everything setup with the project and starting to build the systems for the game.

Currently Implemented Features/Progress as of 11/6/2018

  • Complex Dialogue System
  • Universal Interaction System
  • Advanced Movement System
  • Unity Tilemap/Advanced AutoTiles
  • 2D Pixel Perfect Camera with 2D Cinemachine Camera
  • Character sprite and basic animation for walking/idle

Current Development ToDO List/Progress as of 11/6/2018

  • Stats/Leveling System (active development)
  • Saving/Loading (active development)
  • Universal Controls (active development)
  • Updating Website (active development)
  • Combat System (not started)
  • Item System (not started)
  • Inventory System (not started)
  • Database System (not started)
  • Audio System (FMOD) (not started)
  • Time Handler (not started)
  • Level Manager (not started)
  • Enemy AI (not started)
  • Object Pooling (not started)
  • Main Menu (not started)
  • Character Menu (not started)
  • AI Controller (not started)
  • Multiplayer Manager (not started)
  • Spawning System (not started)
  • Game Manager (not started)
  • Status HUD (not started)
  • Loot System (not started)
  • Shop System (not started)
  • Magic System (not started)
  • Crafting System (not started)
  • Game State Manager (not started)
  • Popup Display Damage/Notifications
  • Story Integration (not started)
  • Music Integration (not started)
  • SFX Integration(not started)
  • Class/Race system (not started)
  • Character Customization (not started)
  • Party System (not started)
  • NPC Interaction/AI (not started)
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