Personal Development and Personality Development
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Personal Development and Personality Development
The emerging interest in personal development has given rise to various relevant questions about the two closely linked but different types of development.
1) Personal Development
2) Personality Development

Personal Development

Personal development is about needs and problems within an individual who are sensitive and very personal to him / her. There can be no right or wrong answer or assessment for them because they are based on the individual and the cultural values ​​and beliefs on which we have grown. For example, during an exercise in personal development, we try to understand ourselves as a 'whole' of how we relate to others in the outside world, what our interests are and what activities we do Participate and enjoy.
At the same time, we also understand self-confidence, other cultural practices, and our internal value system that we maintain as we grow and evolve. In short, an exercise for self-awareness. Once we understand ourselves, we inherently try to compare with others and find the areas that we lack and find ways to develop them. So the term personal development or, as some call it, personal or self-growth.
To maximize our potential, consider our goals, analyze our qualities and skills, set goals, the term "Personal Development" includes all this and more. The more we learn and gather knowledge, the more we will realize how much knowledge is available to grow and improve.
Through personal development, our focus will be on improving ourselves in our eyes.
It allows you to achieve what you want, for the simple reason that it develops different qualities in you and through this development you will be better equipped to achieve what you want.
This allows you to bring out the best in ourselves and others.
Perhaps the most important thing is that personal development helps you become more positive as a person. Although we focus on our development and develop ourselves, we will also want to improve others and the environment.
Through our journey of personal development, our self-confidence, self-motivation and self-respect are positively influenced.

Personal development helps you realize the value and importance of -

1) Creating social awareness and personal empowerment of the importance of empowerment
2) Importance of self-motivation
3) Find meaning in your life
4) Meaning of positive attitude and much more

Personality Development

Personality is the sum of the traits of a person, both desirable and undesirable in nature. In short, it is what we are made of and also the impact we have on other people in our first meeting or as we generally call it "First Impression."
Each individual is characterized by unique behavior, feelings and manners, which distinguishes them from others. Personality development is the development of behavioral changes and systematic emotional that reflect the individuality of a person.
We often refer to someone's temperament as their "nature", taking into account the role of genetic factors.
However, it is known that the environment in which a person exists, influences the person through a process of "cherishing."
Our journey through life outcomes in our interactions with others, the experiences and environment.
This experience that we have results in the spontaneous development of our personality. In contrast to personal development, often focused and conscious attempt to improve our personality is often consciously performed for our improvement in other's eyes.
Personality enhancing skills that would give us better prospects to create the desired impression are often emphasized to us before an interview or a scenario that requires us to be in the eyes of the public.
Interview skills, body language, communication skills, self-image building, personal care are some of the often suggested workshops or courses.
However, if we are asked about the relationship between the two, the most important thing would be that personal development would improve and develop our personality over a period of time. As we improve by making major changes, such as through training or enriching experiences such as social work, involvement in charity, our personality would reflect the positive development that comes from our experience.
A personality development course or workshop is one that would allow us to be noticed more quickly for the changes we want, but whether it filters in our care for the overall quality of whatever we do in our lives is very much the ask.
Although the search to attend a workshop or course in Personality Development may be due to the image that you are looking for, the purpose of Personal Development is a search that you have not only held with the importance of self-improvement, but also for self-improvement. improve the quality of life - with a sense of respect.

There are many factors to determine someone's personality, some are:

  • The level of intelligence and level of education
  • How we hold on to our basic emotions and fears
  • Appearance - how we behave in the outside world
  • Reliable, reliable, integrity and responsible oriented show
  • Morality and character
Personality development is a broader version that engulfs personal development efforts and focuses on working on the above qualities and many other related ones, to stand in the crowd or stand out, as preferred by individuals.
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