Pepoland: War Of Syndicates
Updated 7 months ago
In development
Windows; Xbox One; Android; iOS; WebGL
Pepoland: War of Syndicates - it's a MMORPG with Single-Player elements. Players can fight in turn-based combats (PVP, PVE modes) as single or with companions, explore large and atmospherical, upgrade characters. Also players can go through a single story, fight with bosses, trade with another players and etc.

Unique Selling Points

  • Dynamic gameplay with MMO and Single player elements
  • Tactical RPG system
  • Voiced & Animated characters with storyline
  • Player Upgrading and Customizing
  • Single player quests, bosses and etc.


Single-Player or Coop storyline:
Go through an interesting story mode alone or with the help of friends. Animated and fully voiced cutscenes, unusual gameplay mechanics and a sea of humor will not let you get bored.
PVP and PVE online modes:
Exciting turn-based online battles in PVP and PVE modes with friends. Defeat the bosses or arrange inter-clan battles.
Create your own hero:
Improve your hero and develop his skills the way you want. Buy and upgrade your outfit, making it unique among the diversity of more than 50 types of weapons, armor and other items. And of course do not forget about companions. They can help you achieve advantage in battle.
Advanced Economics:
Buy a business, trade with other players by exhibiting for sale their unique equipment and other items or perform interesting mini-quests that allow you to earn.
Have fun:
Bet on Cubos run, participate in lowrider battles and discover a lot of other entertainment and mini-games.

Release Date

Closed-Beta: 20.11.2017
Open-Beta: 12.12.2017

Game Languages
Russian; Italian; Spanish; German; French; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; Android; iOS; WebGL