PBR Sci-Fi Space Ship Vol.02
PBR Sci-Fi Space Ship Vol.02, contains tow skined meshes: middle-poly model and low-poly model. And tow standard meshes(they also can be animted) .You can use mid-poly model for PC\MAC and console games; Use low-poly model for mobile games.
A number of animations are included, providing of abilities such as idle,flying,and more. And some cool VFX are included,too.
You only need to add ‘character controller’ and your scripts, the character can be easily applied to your game.
All model made with PBR work flow and all scene are using PBR, give you high quality graphics.
*Skined Mesh: low-poly
*Standard Mesh:low-poly
*Skined Mesh: mid-poly
*Standard Mesh:mid-poly
*2048x2048 base Albedo map
*2048x2048 Ambient Occlusion map
*2048*2048 Normal map
*2048*2048 Metallic map
*2048x2048 Emission map
*2048x2048 Performance Albedo map
*2048x2048 Customization Albedo map
*Custom shader for customization color
*Use the custom shader with ‘Customization Albedo map’, you can build your army immediately
*Idling VFX x2
*Idling animation x2
*Flying animation x8
Our4tudio - Artist