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PBR Rocks. Available on Unity Asset Store!

PBR Rocks is a rocks package that you can use for desktop and also for mobile. Contains additional shaders options, that allow you to customize the look of the rocks creating unique rocks.
There are 3 variants of rocks. With moss, with sand and snow. Each rock uses the same basic texture in all 3 variants. The difference is that they are blended with different textures and have different properties on materials, depending on the environment.
• NEW! Support SM2 on low versions of the shaders (except DirectX9).
• Customize your shaders with Amplify Shader Editor (v1.3.8)!
• Customize the material and creating unique rocks!
• High and mobile version.
• Only one atlas for the base texture in mobile version.
• LODs for all rocks meshes.
• PBR textures.
• High resolution textures (4k/4x4m).
• Support VR (tested with google cardboard).
• Additional shaders with projection on the y-axis.
• High and low versions for the shaders (PBR/Blinn-Phong).
• Uses the same illumination as the unity standard shader.
• Documentation included.

• 3 Demo scenes.
• 24 Unique rocks meshes for high version.
• 24 Unique rocks meshes for mobile version.
• 72 Rocks Prefabs for high version (Moss/Sand/Snow).
• 72 Rocks Prefabs for mobile version (Moss/Sand/Snow).
• 11 Nature Prefabs (Grass/Plants/Roots).
• 3 Particles Prefabs (Dust/Snow/Snow Storm).
• 4 Rocks Shaders (Blinn-Phong/PBR - Low/High).
• 1 Plants Shader.
• 8 Ground Textures (4K/4x4m).
• 3 Post-Processing Profiles.
• 2 Detail Textures (2K).
• 6 Detail Meshes for high and mobile version.
• 3 Unity procedural skyboxes presets.

For more information, check the online documentation.
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