PBR Alchemy Pack
PBR Alchemy Lab is a collection of alchemy and study room themed objects. The package contains 92 alchemy, study room and apothecary themed prefabs. The pack is suitable for First Person and Third Person games for PC, Consoles and VR.
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Textures: All textures are 2048x2048 in PNG format. Smaller objects share the same atlas, larger ones such as furniture, have their own textures.
Materials: Each material uses Unity built-in standard shader, and contains: Albedo (Diffuse), Normal Map, Metallic, and Smoothness added to the metallic alpha channel. Note: transparent and shiny materials like Glass might need special shaders to appear life like.
Prefabs: Total: 92 prefabs
  • Candles and lamps: 25 prefabs
  • Containers: 9 prefabs
  • Furniture: 14 prefabs
  • Glassware: 10 prefabs
  • Other equipment: 12 prefabs
  • Paper and Ink: 22 prefabs
Runemark Studio
Dorottya Hegedüs
3D Artist - Artist
3D Artist
We are preparing a Major version update for this pack! All models will be reworked, they get better resolution textures, some color variations, and details. We will add new research equipment, particles and a new glass shader too.