Pau - Saragosse / Smart City VR
Updated 2 years ago
Windows; HTC Vive
Discover the feel to be in the Saragosse neighborood located in Pau in a near future.
The VR experience starts with a welcome room staring at local Pyrenees moutains and allows you to jump into the new neighborood through the use of an holographic table.
When teleported in Saragosse, users can explore the streets, choose implementation scenarios and interact with urban furnitures.
Multiple existing digital sources where mixed to produce this high quality Open VR World: - GIS layers : terrain, streets, trees implementation, building footprints - BIM - Retro-engineered 3D & Photogrametry meshes
Moreover, a lot of 3D assets where used to give the illusion of life, animated characters, cars...
Saragosse is well known for the implementation of more than 60 different species of trees that we reproduced with high fidelity using SpeedTree.
Sébastien Yriarte
Tech & Smile CEO - Producer
VR Developer Lightning Artist
Benjamin Larroque
Mass distraction officer - Artist
Project Manager / Artist Director
Arthur Morisot
Unity VR developer - Programmer
VR Developper
Game Languages
English, British; French
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive