PATSTP (Plant a tree, save the planet)
PATSTP means “Plant a tree, save the planet” and is a game that I’ve create in less than 10 days for a challenge of the Campus Party 2017 of Guadalajara (MX). In this game we find ourselves in a world where the aggressive deforestation left the world without trees and, now, without anything that is capable of absorbing the CO2, this gas is reaching alarming levels, causing greenhouse effect and acidification of the oceans. PATSTP pushes ourselves to find back the balance with the nature, making us plant as many trees as possible and, in this way, slowly reforesting the world. Also it makes us think and learn about the classic energy sources and the renewables ones: it is clear that those are still not as efficient as the fossil fuels, but is it worth to sacrify an entire planet or it would be better to change our energy production paradigm? This game uses the HexaSurface structure.
Alvin Sartor
Developer of AI solutions - Programmer
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