Pathfinder Adventures - A Fighter's Tale: Valeros Crack Graphics Fix
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Pathfinder Adventures - A Fighter's Tale: Valeros Crack Graphics Fix --

About This ContentA Fighter's Tale: Valeros has you delve into the lore of one of Pathfinder's Iconic fighter character, Valeros. Learn of his past and how it affects his present and future.This is playable as a standalone addition and not a requirement to complete The Rise of the Runelords adventure.Contents:1 new Fighter character - Tontelizi "Legbreaker" (details below)5 new Scenarios requiring Valeros as a party member30 new cards, 5 of which are specifically designed for ValerosMore on Tontelizi "Legbreaker", the Gnome Fighter:Hand size: 4 upgradable to 6Proficiency: Light & Heavy Armor and Weapons on startPowers:- Teamwork: add 1d4 to a combat check by another character at your location.- Polearm Mastery: when you would discard a weapon that has the Polearm trait for its power, you may recharge it instead.Starting Cards:- 5 Weapons- 3 Armors- 2 Items- 2 Allies- 3 Blessings b4d347fde0 Title: Pathfinder Adventures - A Fighter's Tale: ValerosGenre: RPG, StrategyDeveloper:Obsidian EntertainmentPublisher:Asmodee DigitalRelease Date: 25 Sep, 2017 Pathfinder Adventures - A Fighter's Tale: Valeros Crack Graphics Fix This gives like 15k gold and 10 chests, plus 5 loots for Valeros. No stats.The difficulty differs from reasonable to annoying lottery to "the very last fight in ch6 was actually easier". Actually, i don't recommend it before you completed the main storyline.The story is okay.. Great DLC but VERY challenging for a new partyEspecially the brawl cause you can't use any kind of weapons and I wasn't prepared for that... Played the first ep. Kind of cute, and a simple scenario, suited more for early game. Would appreciate a difficulty hint on the path, but more reviewing to note:Advertising images are deceptive. The rewards are all gold, not more feats or things.. Nice DLC.The rewards are great.. but you'll need to beat the scenarios at the highest difficulty setting to get them (otherwise it's just gold) so you'll need a pretty strong party for that.Difficulty is quite high.. The developers forgot to add the scenario where Valeros has to hunt down the game's programmer after an unruly bug results in him not getting paid 5000 gold for completing the adventure.The DLC doesn't really add much much and the scenarios aren't really exciting (though they were a nice challenge). I don't know if the bug was a result of the DLC or the original game but it didn't give out the 5000g reward after finishing the adventure. If you don't care about gold gain or are particularily fond of Valeros, the DLC might be worth buying. In fairness, I probably still would have bought it for the extra cards and character, but I wouldn't recommend it given that they managed to mess up what should have been a pretty simple if statement. That's 10 treasure chests I was shorted in addition to the chests that I keep getting shorted when the treasure chest menu bugs out while opening chests. Just enough to subtract a chest from my inventory but not quite enough to actually give me the contents. AND ANOTHER THING! *Rabble rabble rabble*Y'all make it so difficult to love a game that would be nearly perfect without the bugs.. The addition of the new fighter and alt Valeros makes nice additions. This add on is quite challenging, but worth quite a bit of gold if you can beat it. I give it a thumbs up.
Brandon Evans