Party Hard Remastered OST Download No Password
Published 4 months ago

Party Hard Remastered OST Download No Password --

About This ContentBring Party Hard OST with you. This is the reimagined soundtrack that replaces the one in the original Party Hard release. We licensed the music without rights to sell initially, and that caused a ton of issues and copyright claims on YouTube. So we rewrote the whole OST and now it can be yours!Tracklist:01 Beat Dreams02 I Said We Party Tonight03 Wild Of Bass04 I Am Trouble05 Shine Bright06 Heart Of The Beat07 He Knows You're A Dancer08 Lucky09 Keep It Going10 Golden Tomorrow11 E-Motions12 Wild Mind d859598525 Title: Party Hard Remastered OSTGenre: Action, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:Pinokl Games, KvertaPublisher:tinyBuildFranchise:Party HardRelease Date: 10 Nov, 2016 Party Hard Remastered OST Download No Password party hard remastered ost. party hard - remastered ost - lucky It kinda bothers me to give this dlc a thumbs down. I really love Party Hard, and the original soundtrack was simply amazing. But this “reimagined” soundtrack isn’t good. I could recognize most songs, but I disliked this “new version” of them. For some reason, at least to me, it doesn’t feel like PH at all. :/. Is the music from this soundtrack different from the original soundtrack of the game? Yes! These are different songs. Some of them may sound vaguely familiar, but they're entirely different songs. Is this a bad thing? Well, if you were looking for the same exact songs from the game, this may not be what you're expecting. However, you may still find "Don't stop" (from the first level) and the intro song (from the main menu) inside the OST folder.Despite all of this, I recommend it! It's a nice addition to your collection if you're a Party Hard fan.. For those wondering why this track was made/what happened to the original music/why the first OST isn't up on Steam: read the description of the product. In case you missed it and are combing the reviews for answers: Pinokl's license for the original OST didn't include the rights to sell it, and YouTubers were getting takedown notices on their Party Hard LP videos because of YouTube's copyright infringement detector. Pinokl decided to skirt around the issue by writing up an entirely separate soundtrack for streamers and YouTubers to use and allowing the user to toggle between the two. That's why there isn't a download for the other songs--and I'm sure if they had the rights, Pinokl would put the music up in a heartbeat. If you really want the original soundtrack that badly, rip the audio off YouTube for free.As for the music itself: I started playing Party Hard well after the 'YouTuber Friendly' soundtrack was rolled out, and for most of the game I wasn't even aware of the original soundtrack existing; it wasn't until I tried looking up some of the music that I began running into song discrepancies. Both soundtracks have merit and are pretty kickin' to idly listen to, and any perceived difference in quality between the two falls pretty squarely into personal preference. My one big complaint is that the songs don't loop well when listened to on repeat. Either a seamless loop or longer clips would've been nice. Otherwise--it's worth getting as part of the Collector's edition, or if you really dig the soundtrack and wanna show monetary support.. I like the music in the game, but this seems like a pretty poor effort, even for $4. The file names are non-sensical and some of the files are in .wav for no apparent reason. Proobably should not be on steam.The music sounds like what was in the game I just played, so maybe they changed the in-game music? Or maybe I wasn't paying that much attention haha.. Bought this DLC knowing what I was getting into. Have to admit, when I first heard the remastered versions on youtube, I really wasn't a fan. But then I decided to listen to them again and take them for what they were, rather than comparing them to the OSTs used in the game, and they're actually really good! I got some more sweet jams to listen to while killing my homework now lolAnyways, I've read a lot of people mentioning the licence problems being the reason why they couldn't sell the original STs, so there's that. Still, really hoping they might add them someday, along with the High Crimes OSTs. I'd buy that♥♥♥♥♥♥in a stabbed heartbeat.TLDR - Don't buy this thinking it'll include the original soundtracks and/or if you're not a fan of the remastered ones, but honestly the remastered OSTs deserve more love for being good in its own rights.. This is not the original soundtrack, nor is it remastered. It is "reimagined" as per the detailed description in the store, but I did not realise I needed to "read the fine print" on a "remastered original soundtrack" for a game I know and love. As it is, this is worthless to me.Were this the original soundtrack, I would complain about the MP3 files being named with non-descriptive "tail xxx" names and having no meta data in them, but as it is not, the point is rather moot.. Enjoying this soundtrack very much. I love every track <3 Price is definetely okay for these masterpieces!If you loved the ingame music like moi this OST is a mustbuy!
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