Parley! The Pirate Code
Updated 2 years ago
Linux; Mac; Windows
You are playing cooperatively with your gangmates and against the other gang, trying to escape the the Pirple Pimle’s treacherous system of locks. You depend on your gangmates to open their locks, so that your locks are activated. You and all of your gangmates must reach the top deck before the enemies and before the waves of the ocean take you to their depths.

Game created during the Global Game Jam 2017.
Game intro: Aboard the Errectus - the ship of the most feared pirate of the South Seas - the Purple Pimple, a mutiny has arisen. The mutiny was led by two separate fractions of bloodsucking pirate scum, led by the hipsterous Aylyak The Black and by the feminine looking White Chappel Snatch. The two rebellious crews have been banished down the deepest and darkest undergallows, where they have spent the last two weeks. Today a sea battle between the crew of the Errectus and the British Navy aboard HMS Hornelia, led by the brave captain Kurz Kor, has commenced. During the battle the Brave Navy slayed all of Purple Pimple’s crew, hanging him on the mast and sinking the Errectus on their way out. You take the role of the last remaining crewmen locked in the holds of Errectus - the two prisoners’ gangs (Aylyak Boyz or Snatch Bitches), and you are trying to escape the sinking ship. But there is a big problem - aboard the Errectus there is only one life raft, situated on the top deck.
Stefan Doychev
Co-Founder & Lead Technical Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows