Park Obstacles Wakeboard Wakeskate Snowboard Coming to the Unity Asset Store
Wakeboard Wakeskate Rails and Jumps Package Coming soon to the Unity Asset Store.

All the watersports obstacles you need to build the next great wakeboard/ski or snowboard park. Over 25 Prefabs giving you the option to turn off the inner frames. I hope you enjoy and dont forget the sunscreen!
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- Ski Jump 1420 Tris
- Metal Jump 3680 Tris
- Stairs 1048 Tris
- Bank Jump 712 Tris
- Huge Box Angled 9781 Tris
- Flat Box 4232 Tris
- Flat Box End Angled 724 Tris
- Flat Box Wide 1100 Tris
- Rainbow Box Rail 927 Tris
- Wood Handrail 650 Tris
- Rigged and Ready for Animation

- PBR Textures are 2048x2048
- Albedo/Tranparency
- Metalic/Smoothness
- AmbientOcclusion
- Emission (If Applicable)
- Normal Maps

All devotid assets include:
- Clean, unique and consistent naming systems.
- PBR Materials from Substance Painter.
- Built to real world scales and dimensions
- All objects feature the least amount of polys needed to portray the object.
- No turbo smoothing used.
- Sub-Objects always pivot at the correct points (if applicable) which makes for easy animating.
- All FBX objects are composed of mesh elements so you can take them apart or edit them easily in your 3D editor of choice