Parallel Universe [scene building, WIP]
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The world around you is actually nothing more than an elaborate fabrication of some unknown superior intelligence. -- Stephen Hawking


They just couldn’t listen to me. This whole experiment has been very unstable. Parallel universe has always been a pandora’s box, and the moment I feel the portal has opened, I knew something from the other world has leaked in to ours. Although the portal crashed, this weird energy flow seems to still exist in this laboratory…
In a near future, a war occurred. A government is secretly operating researches of parallel universe to summon free, so-called "shadow" armies from other dimensions. The experiments went wrong, and all researchers in the lab in charge were sucked into an unknown dimension. Only their lights and shadows remained.


The story is to challenge between realism and science fiction. The idea of manipulating light using Particle System is from "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture," where the residents of a village suddenly disappeared after an incident, and their memories are visualized with floating lights. Since the time to work on this project is limited, representing humans with lights seems to be a simple way to implement, hence the concept of this idea of parallel universe.


The concept of the gate has evolved from a checker-styled tiling background to a more solemn design of huge light strips. The gate itself is a portal to other dimensions, and currently the white lines represent some sort of power cables to power up the portal.


Another effect I always want to try is the fracture-like constructing and deconstructing objects, like the effect seen in the "Assassin's Creed" franchise when the game loads from a checkpoint. This also matches this project's theme of constructing and deconstructing a simulated world.
However, there seems to be no tutorials of how this effect can be done, I have consider using an image shader that takes the depth buffer as input but I know very little about coding shaders so it is currently not an option. My final solution is to directly modify the mesh in realtime. After a day of research (There are many great lessons on how mesh geometry, I started from Unity's own manual: ) I came up with the following concept:
for (int i = 0; i + 3 < triangles.Length; i = i + ChunckSize) { d = explosionDistance * Mathf.Pow (camDistance, 1f); vNew [T [i]] = vOriginal [T [i]] + mesh.normals [T [i + 1]].normalized * (d-0); if (explosionVertices >= 2) { vNew [T [i + 1]] = vOriginal [T [i + 1]] + mesh.normals [T [i + 1]].normalized * (d-0); if (explosionVertices == 3) vNew [T [i + 2]] = vOriginal [T[i + 2]]+mesh.normals [T[i + 1]].normalized * (d-0); } }
I first save all vertices in an array, and then by changing three parameters (displace distance, chunk size and displacement vertices) I can simulate the effect of fragmenting objects, which is unfortunately a very inefficient and expensive method.


This visual effect is very hard to implement and to make it look really good, it requires camera movement and dynamic mesh displacement (I never know the exact term to describe this effect), so currently my main goal is to work on static objects, lighting and post processing.
I am also working on cutscenes, but that's for the next update. I need to spend some time on my school exams now.
Feel free to tell me your thoughts! :) Also, since my native language is not English, let me know if there is any grammar or contextual mistakes.


All assets in this project are free.
  • 3D Scifi Kit Starter Kit by Creepy Cat
  • DOTween (HOTween v2) by Demigiant
  • Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack by KARBOOSX
  • Particle Attractor by MOONFLOWER CARNIVORE
  • Particle Ribbon by MOONFLOWER CARNIVORE
  • 18 High Resolution Wall Textures by A DOG'S LIFE SOFTWARE
  • Cinemachine by UNITY TECHNOLOGIES
  • PostProcessing Stack by UNITY TECHNOLOGIES
  • Ice shader - Tutorial by SAUCY SUSHI SHOP
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