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"Is it OK?"


This is a metroidvania game! Players explore in a semi-open world level and progress the story! And they collect things.You can try out the DEMO below:
It would be so obvious to find out which one of the genre is our favourite!(Although the programmer kun have another favourite one. XD) It is actually got some naught elements(which we are proud of!) but hey we can make a wholesome version!
So long story short! We are here just want to show how the game looks and plays.


Our protagonist named Lenga Valentine. He is a battle angel. Player will play as him to reclaim a floating catsle.

The sprite and animation tool in unity

I carefully made his sprites in the first place. There are just so much fun making these pixel-art little figures. Here is his current sprite sheet that I can share with you.
Unity's sprite editor is quite convenient!! Just by typing in the size of each cell or number of row/column ,you can separate them easily! Although this piece of sheet is still too big and low of space effeciency.
Making animation is also easy. Once created object's animation file, I can just drag the sprites into the frame list. Then adjust with the speed and the tempo.


Yes the sweet sweet tilemaps. Our map has multiple layers of tilemaps. The current demo level is just one room with a boss fight so we didn't use full potential. But it is quite helpful when we are dealing with the collision layer.
The reason we are using this kind of trick is... I don't want to make collision for every tiles... So I created a tile palette that is exclusive for collisions. Yeah, I believe other games do the same thing or even more clever!!
It was like a month later that I knew you can actually rotate the tile you are going to paint with the hotkey "[" and "]". They probably should add an button to do that.


His halo you see there is made with the particle system!! Also the dust that appears when he stops walking is made with it. The dust uses animated particle system. I made a sequence of the dust's animation then used the animated particle to make it animate as desired.

Post processing

We add a very cool effect and post processing plug-in that is used on the camera! You can find it at the package window!It works like creating an area that could affect you camera to process the current output. It got tons of features that almost fully satisfied my need.
Although there is nothing much about to programming to share, I really appreciate his beautiful work. He is the one brings all of this non-sense resources to life.
Here is a boss fight video:
There are lots of features about animation that I haven't try yet. It would very exciting to try them out in the future.
And I am excited about some new features coming out next year!
Thanks for reading!
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Chuck Chuckerson
10 months ago
really nice work!!!
10 months ago
ul0nMakerIncredible, sure will be a great game.
Thank you!! You actually can play the demo now! You can find our page in the video's discription!(I don't dare ad it directly in the article LOL) Oh just don't download the NSFW one out of care!XD
10 months ago
Incredible, sure will be a great game.