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Hey guys, my name is Mike and I work as a web designer and developer. I do game development, 3d as a hobby. Thought it would be fun to do something for this challenge. I'm not a pro or anything so hopefully someone will find this amusing.


I really like Simon Stålenhag's work so thought it would be fun to do something 3d based on his concepts. The easiest and simplest to do for an environment was a desert (for me) so there you have it. Rest of the project was just the first thing that popped in my head. I'll have to say that lot of the camera work, placements etc. was just happy accidents and experimenting.
Models took the majority of the time to make as I'm not super skilled at modelling.

Scene details

It is a very simple scene with a simple terrain and under it there is a simple mesh. There was only 1 or 2 textures used on the terrain. For close ups the texture is tiled differently.
The inside of the duck is just a a cube with normals pointed inside and a small hole for the camera to get through. Everything is kinda very messy in the hierarchy and timeline as it was pretty much all done in 4-5 days.


As it is a very simple project there is not much to say. Most of the visuals and punch is thanks to the Unity post processing stack, especially depth of field. There are many cameras in use to get desired effect and switching between effects (profiles).
The project was done relatively fast in a few days time.

WIP Log #1: Sunday 31st, 2017

The desert was created with a simple terrain. Simple mesh from the asset store was used for "distance terrain" and is placed under the terrain. Neon sign was placed on the terrain. Rest of the day was me learning Cinemachine and Timeline.

WIP Log #2: Friday 12th, 2018

More assets were placed on the scene (the probe and the duck). Camera work, and timeline animation work. In-between this time I have worked on the models.

WIP Log #3: Sunday 14th, 2018

I've tried out a couple of music tracks and chose the one that fit most. Adjusted the camera movements to fit the music. Blocked out inside of the duck location

WIP Log #4: Monday 15th, 2018

Inside of the duck was created. Random textures were used on the plane and simple textures were created used on the "characters". The scene looks quite badly without heavy post processing.

Assets used:

  • Horror Environment - The Bunker
  • Yughues Free Concrete Materials
  • Yughues Free Architectural Materials
  • Mikolaj Spychal - 3d decals + materials
  • Yughues Free Sand Materials
  • Unity Particle Pack
  • Unity Recorder
  • Unity Post Processing Stack v.2

Software used:

  • Unity 2017.3
  • Substance Painter
  • Blender

Music used:

  • Patrick Lee - Quittin Time
  • ThrillShowX - Horror Ambience Music 3

Concept art by:

  • Simon Stålenhag

Hope you like my simple entry!

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