Published 10 months ago
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Windows; Mac; Linux
Narrative-driven FPS Puzzle Game
PARABOLA is a first-person puzzle game that focuses on challenging physics-based logic puzzles involving aim, wit, and spatial reasoning. Featuring elements from Metroidvania and adventure games, players dive into the twisted remnants of a research facility gone wrong, dealing with the troubling ethos of scientific morality and human cyborg duality.
Parabola is a narrative-driven experience, blending the immersive environmental storytelling from games like BioShock and Half-Life with the challenging 'chamber style' puzzler like Portal and The Talos Principle.
Players make their way through the abandoned and dilapidated Hyperion Complex, unaware of who they are or why they’ve come to be there. They soon find out that they are a pawn in the wicked games of a sinister scientist - Dr. Malcolm Thorngrave.
After a short introduction to the world, the player begins to systematically acquire the weird devices that make up the Parabola gameplay experience. These devices and the players own movement skills are the driving force for Parabola’s puzzle gameplay. As the player advances they will upgrade and customize their toolset to aid in completing late and endgame puzzles.
Parabola revolves primarily around the use of the Auxiliary Resonance Cannon (ARC). This gun-like gadget shoots high-frequency bundles of energy called LUMA. LUMA resonate at such a high frequency that they bounce off hard solid objects. This unlikely characteristic makes them challenging but fun to lob and launch at targets, bouncing them at certain angles to extend their effects. There are 3 types of LUMA, each corresponding to a primary color.
The core loop of Parabola is built around shooting LUMA at matching colored Power Sources to charge various puzzle implements and obstacles. As players progress through the game they will acquire unique upgrades that allow them to manipulate LUMA and enhance their abilities.
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Windows; Mac; Linux