Real-time networked shared Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality app enabling multiple people with mobile devices, desktop computers and VR headsets to play together. Now anyone with an iPad or iPhone can reach into stunning, immersive, physically realistic 3D virtual worlds. Play with dominos, toss bowling balls, experiment with gravity, and even connect, cooperate and compete with other players over WiFi. Pantomime™ is the first interactive, multi-player 3D immersive virtual/augmented reality software for consumers – with no need for a virtual reality headset or any new hardware. The apps let any iPad or iPhone user look around and reach into physically realistic first person 3D worlds, using their mobile devices both as immersive 3D viewers and accurate 3D game paddles. Users can see their devices and their nimble, animated virtual hands — through their own screens, in virtual mirrors, and in worlds shared with other users, who can Teleport into the same scene over local WiFi networks. Since the apps use ordinary mobile and computer screens and don’t require a VR headset, Pantomime is the first immersive reality platform accessible to ordinary consumers and mobile game players. For more info, visit: Pantomime Playground is currently available free of charge in the App Store:
Don Hopkins
Senior Software Developer
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