Palettable Pixels - Retro Sprite Tools
I've always loved retro games, especially on the programming side. One thing that always fascinated me was the use of palettes. It was a simple tool, but it was used to great effect. I wanted to create a tool that used that, and create it I did. This tool has a lot of flexibility, while also running with minimal impact to the performance. It has support for many things:
  • Sprites of any size and shape (no limitation to a 8x8 or 16x16 grid size)
  • Global palette system, allowing the switching of one palette to affect multiple sprites at once
  • Palettes are easily modified, both in editor and while the game is running
  • Two ways of rendering sprites:
  • Each sprite rendering to a separate Sprite Renderer component, allowing for full rotation and scaling
  • One "camera" like object, taking sprite data and rendering sprites to the main sprite
  • Has support for Unity's tileset editor (not yet uploaded to the asset store)
Isabel E. Schmidt
Pursuing - Programmer