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About This GameThe Gods are gone – their demise has left the world in turmoil. Dark forces the likes of which have never been seen before are amassing to tear the souls from those too weak to resist and devour whoever is left.Fling spells and swing metal, rush enemies and crush bones, and in the end, pry their weapons from their cold, unworthy hands. Carve a path through your enemies in your quest for glory in Pagan Online.An epic setting based on Slavic mythology – the stuff of legendsSet in a striking realm rich with lore and history, Pagan Online is based off various Slavic myths and sagas. We’ve drawn from this seemingly endless fount to create a distinct flavour and a whole new world for fans of epic fantasy to immerse themselves in. Tales of larger than life heroes, endangered deities, and shattered sanctity await you in Pagan Online.It’s dangerous to go aloneWill you vanquish your foes lone wolf style, or team up with a friend to take on the biggest and baddest monsters? You can choose to play all levels alone or play game modes designed for more than one person. You can meet other players to fight alongside you in the Pantheon, a social hub for heroes approved by the Gods themselves.Crush without mercyAt its core, Pagan Online is a game of dynamic and fast-paced action. You will experience gameplay that is responsive, fast, and satisfying – and nothing’s more satisfying than crushing, slicing, and smashing your way through hordes of enemies in a brutal and mesmerizing display of quick thinking and skill. It is easy to pick up but difficult to master – a good thing to keep in mind after your 108th death. As you become more battle-hardened, your renown grows and doors open for you – both to greater power and greater foes. A class for every player, a hero for every tasteThese aren’t just your typical RPG classes! The playable characters in Pagan Online are inspired by old folks’ tales and stories our grandmothers used to tell us when we were kids. From nomad knights to beastly abominations, they are familiar and yet like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Every hero has their own abilities, playstyles, and their own weapons and attacks, so you could be forgiven for thinking you’re playing a different game when you take up arms as another hero. Carry out devastating combos with skills in your repertoire and do whatever it takes to come out on top – leech the blood of your downed foes to stay standing, summon the might of Perun himself in a thunderfist, or channel the elements to unleash raw destruction. Your hero, your styleIf you’re going to be looking at your hero constantly, you might as well look at something nice. A hero is a hero no matter what they wear of course, but you gotta admit, the deep red of a blood spatter would look so fetching on your green robes. You can pick from a wide variety of class-specific armor sets for each hero. Not only can you upgrade and customize heroes to your liking, but you can also use unique skins and shaders so the enemy commanders will know exactly who is coming to end them.Wield weapons of legendAction RPGs can’t work without loot. We all love it and your enemies love to drop it. Pagan Online takes it up a notch with a unique crafting system in which you can create a weapon tailor-made for you and how you prefer to play. Whether you’re dead set on squeezing that extra speed percentage for fast flaying, or if you want to be a Jack-of-all-trades with more balanced stats, crafting in Pagan Online redefines the term ‘legendary item’. b4d347fde0 Title: Pagan OnlineGenre: Action, RPG, Early AccessDeveloper:Mad Head GamesPublisher:Wargaming.netRelease Date: 17 Apr, 2019 Pagan Online Cheat Code For Pc Solid gameplay just waiting for co-op and multiplayer. Hope they support multiplayer missions for a years to come, either way campaign is worth the money for the polish and voice acting etc.. I have put 35H into this game so far and it is pretty fun. If you like diablo you will love this clone like game with a slight twist on it. It is early access and has some bugs but i enjoy it for how far it is at the moment. The blueprints for legendaries seem useless and you sometimes hit a wall where getting gear to progress seems a bit difficult. i got stuck for 2H to beat a boss because i couldn't get blueprints i needed to level or gear but others said they had no problems. If your looking for a new dungeon crawler but not 100% on this game id say wait until co-op is released otherwise this is a solid purchase for a early access game which i tend not to do anymore since a lot of games never get finished.. Not what it looks. At first glance most people will think this is another hack-and-slash but it's not, it's something else.One of the major differences are that you control your character with WASD and mouse, which works great as soon as you get used to it and gives you a lot more freedom of movement. It also have several MMO and MOBA influences.The battles are a lot more tactical and also slower than the traditional hack-and-slash and requires more skill.You unlock more content the more you level up and it got lots of stuff to do and it constantly challenges you and it's not an easy game. The game is also very addictive and the missions are usually pretty quick so even if you only have 20 minutes to spare you have time for a mission or two.Pros:+ Great graphics and artstyle+ Fun and tactical combat that focus on skill+ Interesting Hero characters that play very differently+ Solid voice acted dialogue+ Huge selection of enemy types(over 80 so far)+ Great crafting that is very useful to progress if not required evenCons:- The Hero characters unlock in order since they are based on your "powerlevel"- No coop yet but it will be here soon (whatever that means)- Inventory and recipe space is way too smallSummary:All in all I really enjoy this game and can't stop playing it. I really look forward to play it together with my friends so the coop cannot arrive soon enough. I had high hopes off the bat it seemed really well polished and it is but that hides a shell of a gamethat is quickly loosing its luster and its players. Since co-op was put in I've only been able to play onematch via matchmaking one for about two weeks. I just think this game is going nowhere fast and with stuff like Last Epoch,Grim Dawn,Titan Quest new expansion, Torchlight Frontier and Path of Exile firing on all cylinders this game willbe forgotten you money. Current play time when writing the reviews: 18 hoursRecommendation: Yes, if interested in ARPG'sPlayer Base: CasualHighest level: 27First off, I do not understand why people simply flame a game because it is different, and in my opinion it is very refreshing. Of course it was weird at the beginning to play with WASD and its great to learn something new. A new game imo means also having to learn new stuff.I have been testing 3 Character so far and actually if you are skilled enough you can reach high levels without the need of strong gear. This game is grindy in regards of getting better gear, but in my opinion it is still fair.As I don't want to spend to much texting for everyone i'll just leave this comment as a recomendation and hope that people don't get scared away from this great early access game that actually offers lots of stuff for a fair amount of money, just because of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ comments. Test it yourself and be surprised!. my biggest issue with the game is the>>> to repetitive content. <<<it feels good playing the campaign, progressing to unlock new heroes. thats all fun and games untill you hit the end of the campaign and are forced to craft.dont get me wrong. crafting is a great thing in an ARPG and i always loved it, but let me tell you about crafting in pagan online:first of all you need to level your blacksmith to unlock bonus chances to roll bonus stats on your crafted gear.doesnt sound so bad right? wrong.crafting experience got nerfed by 90% (!!!!) with the last patch and wasnt even communicated. BIG MINUS MAD HEAD GAMES!to get specific materials you have the option to grind specific quests.meaning: if you want to build a strenght character you are forced to grind the hell out of the strength material quests, which are not many nor different and this gets boring soooo quickly.if you're done with your blacksmith leveling you start crafting actual gear and rerolling it and you guessed it - in order to do so, you need even more and rare materials which means more mindless grinding zones you already dream of because you ran it so often.nah, if you think d3 was a mindless grind, try pagan online.
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