Pablo's Palace
This was my first ever attempt at making a propper game in unity. Pablo’s Palace is a 2D side-scrolling action game. Developing this game i practiced general C# coding, fast prototyping of A LOT of mechanics, gameplay evaluation, level design, user testing and so much more - basically everything related to doing a full on indie development. The game was never finished. Lesson learned: scoping!
The core gameplay revolves around six player states: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple. Each player state responds to a specific color and has a specific ability or multiple abilities tied to it. The only way to acquire these abilities is by interacting with liquid paint within the levels. Paint can be mixed both on Pablo himself or in the game space. Pablo has no attack, he is vulnerable in that sense, abilities are solely focused on movement. Gameplay is primarily fast paced, requiring the player to master timing, player control and the use of abilities. *cough Super Meatboyish.
Christopher Nelson
Game- & Level Design & Coding - Designer
Malte Hølledig
Level designer, Game designer, Programmer - Student