Overwatch Fan-made Character Concept
This is the result of work and passion, a new character I develop for my favorite game Overwatch, in here I'm sharing all the steps on making the character until his final render, I'm quite happy with the result and i hope you do too.

Real Name: Dorian Volpe (Fake ID), Age: 32
Occupation: Thief
Base of Operations: Venice, Italy.
Affiliation: None
Role: Attack
Dorian is a renowned thief for hire; educated and pretentious, he is in the mind set that all is at the palm of his hand. Upgrading his tools to the latest tech, using his many connections in the underworld. He has worked for many exclusive clients like Talon, The Vishkar Corporation and even Volskaya, among others, he is always up for the challenge as long as there is a worthy reward at the end.
Pamela Medina
Artist - Artist