Project Details Language: JavaScript Global Game Jam 2012 Unity3D Noticeable Awards: Best Game by Judges Play Now (Old Unity Webplayer): Other Builds Windows x86: Windows 64 bit: OS X: Contribution Menu Navigation: -Display the button when the mouse is over the the correct area -Can navigate though the Main Menu, Stage Select, How to play, and the Credits -The Stage Select Can display the Best Time and preview picture of the Level themselves -The Best Time on each stages can be reset in the stage select -On the Credit and how to play, the screen will fade in and out to black Start and Win Condition: -Created the game object for the hoop along with it collision points -Having it launch the ball to go downward by applying gravity -When the ball goes though the hoop from the top the player wins -Make sure that if the ball go though the bottom that it won't win -When win condition is hit, the game will go faster and fade out Saving Best Time: - Each stages can record the best time the player have gotten Pipe Teleportation object: -When the ball goes inside of the object it will come out at another location at the same speed Thoughts What went well? Everyone already knew how to at least use Unity before the start of this project. We also decided to used the trial version of Unity Pro that the Game Jam had provided for us from the start. What didn’t went well? We wanted to continue working on this game even after the Game Jam. However most of us are very busy with schools, jobs, and personal life. We can rarely set up a time to meet with each other to work on this project.
David To
Software Engineer - Programmer