Overclockalypse: Chronicles of the Flaming Robot
Published 10 months ago
In development
Linux; Windows; WebGL
Long-story-short, this is a game about a collection of smart appliances attempting to escape a burning building.
It's basically a physics-heavy Metroidvania RPG.
As of yet, all artwork and music is original, unless you count some samples from my subscription, and some (not all) textures from It is under heavy and often daily development, with periodic retrospection and conservative refactoring.
It's also worth mentioning that most of the game's physics and AI is also personally constructed. My formal education in physics seems to make me think very differently from most game programmers, and my laziness and impatience wants to make that a problem; so for things like Hooke's Law I literally wrote my own class and extended it to manage cables. (I am aware that that sacrifices PhysX; I'm looking at potential best-of-both-worlds workarounds.)
The plan is to release the first "lab" (Scene) for free, with a trailer at the end for the rest of the game or game-in-progress. An enormous amount of ambition has gone into this project, and I can't completely say that I'm alone in it simply because I'm doing the art and coding—my wife has been extremely supportive, and most of my best ideas have come from conversations with friends. I also intend to eventually have it fully voice-acted, which is not something I can do alone. And of course, my patrons have been wonderful.
Additional, higher-quality samples can be found on Sketchfab, and music samples can be found on Soundcloud. This is a much bigger project than The Penguin and the Dragon was, but it's actually happening, and that feels great!
Michael Macha
One-Man Development Team - Programmer
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Linux; Windows; WebGL