Prototype developed over a long weekend. Objective: Score as many points as possible by surviving and keeping past iterations of yourself alive. Mechanics: Shoot weapon at zombies Build barricade to hinder zombies. Build turrets which shoot a zombie every 15 seconds to fortify a position. Destroy buildings. This level is a maze with an arena in one of the corners. Keeping past iterations of the player alive gives both a substantial boost to the points accumulated as well as assistance in survival. The player can work together with their past iterations to fortify an area or strategically shoot enemies as a team. Each iteration is different, as the zombies do not follow a set path. They adapt to the new timeline, so past iterations can die sooner or later than they did in their own timeline. If they survive longer than their own timeline, they become a rapid fire turret.
Sam Knox
Unity Engineer - Owner
Aymeric Ingret
a year ago
aka Obsiron - Artist
I loved it