Outlands: Exodus
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Outlands: Exodus is an all-new real-time strategy game inspired by the high-stakes space battles from famous movies and TV shows. Command your fleet, a battlegroup of specially customised starships, and use them to recreate the exciting battles you know and love, then create so many more incredible memories!
Single-player Campaign: Feel the impact of interstellar warfare as you strategically decide which planet to save, and which one to risk. There is no galactic pause while you battle; the greater war goes on while you battle it out with your personalised fleet.
Multiplayer: Choose your faction; pick your fleet; queue and play! A contrast to our single-player campaign by design, multiplayer features short digestible gameplay with your custom fleet.
Make your starships your own: Customise their aesthetics; paint schemes, decals and names. Customise their functionality; weapons, engines and shield generators.
Detailed Starships: Each starship is a collection of different components. Smaller components such as shield generators, engines, the bridge, weaponry and the cannons will fully animate as they function. A visual indicator of a starship's capabilities.
Battle Damage: Armour is divided into sections, ready to be swapped out with battle-damaged variants in the heat of battle.
I'm at a point now where I'd really love to start marketing the game and really get it out there for as many people to see as I can get. I'd love to get feedback on anything here, or how I'm posting on social media. Be sure to give Outlands: Exodus a follow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook; or even check out the Patreon!
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