Outback Defender (Alpha)
Updated 2 years ago
In development
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Android; iOS; Android TV; Apple TV; Samsung Smart TV
Outback Defender is tactical “shoot them all” game about post-apocalyptic Australia for iOS & Android.
After year 1990 Human History went the different way. Many important events never happened. Many things were different. At that time Alien race Quii had burst into people’s life. At first they tried to build friendly relationships with humankind. But something went wrong and The Third World War broke out. Both races, human and Quii were almost destroyed. The game takes action after almost 50 years after the Apocalypse, at the Australian continent, in Outback.
You will have to fight mutated Australian and alien monsters, crazy bandits and environment itself. Explore deadly secrets of the Outback! Just try not to be eaten...

* choose 3 from 6 different characters with different characteristics;
* fill their inventory with the most effective weapons and boosters;
* switch between them during the combat to use the most effective strategy;
* destroy all enemies!
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Android TV; Apple TV; Samsung Smart TV