Our History
Stanleybet was initially formed as the international arm of Stanley Leisure plc, a sports betting company created in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1958.
In 1963 Stanley Leisure plc became an officially authorised bookmaker under the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 and after having acquired a relevant position in the UK with its casinos and betting shops, it started an extraordinary growing trend in the European market of sports betting.
Thanks to an innovative business model whose compatibility with the EU law has been demonstrated by three CJEU rulings, Gambelli (2003), Placanica (2007), Costa-Cifone (2012) and Laezza (2016) the Stanleybet Group is currently present in Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy and UK with over 2,000 outlets and 3,000 employees.
Stanleybet has an established track record as a fair and responsible private sports betting company, fully compliant with regulatory requirements in the UK and other European jurisdictions where it operates.
Stanleybet continues to support its right to offer innovative sports betting services in the European Union in a responsible and transparent manner and in line with EU regulation.
The Company is committed to protecting its customers by applying high standards of internal policy compliance guided by its core principle of transparency in all corporate operations, whilst guaranteeing their right to choose the most innovative and entertaining sports betting products on the market.