OTs-14 Groza
1.1 K
Modular bullpup assault rifle in three modifications: assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher. Available at Unity Asset Store:
Available at Unity Asset Store: Technical specs: Features • Modular structure lets you create any mod • Three standard mods included • 12 separate parts • Small details are ready to animate • 10 000 triangles • Three LODs • 4k PBR texture Separate parts: Stock + bolt carrier + safety Pistol grip + trigger Magazine Grenade launcher + trigger + iron sight Foregrip Silencer Optical sight (See below the screenshot of all parts) Polycount (triangles) lod0 lod1 lod2 Sniper 10 027 6253 871 Gren 8507 5528 905 Assault 7647 4991 751 4k TGA textures: albedo metalness + smoothness normal Using only Standard material. PSD sources are included. This package does NOT include animations, ammo, visual or sounds effects.
Artem Lynnik
Hard Surface 3D Artist