Østerport ll
ØSTERPORT II After the renovation of one of Copenhagen’s most distinctive locations, the main train station, the building process is in its second stage: the extension of the building of Østerport II. The extension of the train station is to become an office and multi-user house with innovative design, architecture and exclusive panorama. The premise will further add 11.000 m2 to the area, will be integrated with the surroundings and will become one of the city’s most attractive locations and workplaces.
UNPRECEDENT ARCHITECTUAL SHOWCASE OF FUTURE PROJECTS The app interactively demonstrates the planned building Østerport II to the public. so that the community can already actively interact and engage with it. The integrated augmented reality experience allows to take a picture of any object and place the building upon it to be inspected in detail.
THE ADVANTAGES As the floor plan is included in the app, people looking for new co-working space or offices, can inspect the layout of the rooms and even pre-book it. Through an integrated application the asset manager or the architect can be contacted for additional information.
THE SOLUTION Visionaries 777 designed an app to publicly display the building as close as possible to the finalized version. In the app renders give a feeling for the space and different points of interest show the allocation of different facilities, as parking spaces and coffee shops. The user is enabled to teleport anywhere in the area and to digitally walk around there. A 360º render from the inside enables the user to imagine the exceptional view above Copenhagen and the atmosphere of the building. The app further includes a map depicting the way from the airport to the train station by metro or car.
THE RESULT A clear image of the project Østerport II can be presented to the public and the community can use the app to set future interaction and plans with the building. The app including the augmented reality experience of the building, reinforces the innovative approach of the project overall.
THE FUTURE The app was a great success and Visionaries 777 is planning to introduce more architecture visualizations in the future.